Smarin introduces the principle of flexibility

Smarin introduces the principle of flexibility

During the Milano Design Week 2016, French designer Stephanie Marin will take part of the Cascina Cuccagna’s exhibition, Failures, Process Beyond Success. Introducing les Schaises, a research on the flexibility of the seat and on the wellness, her furniture brand smarin will also present work process.

“Nowadays, examining the design world we can find two different tendencies: productions are evaluated by their success, but on the other hand the process is gaining more and more importance, as it is the moment of real value creation. We believe mistakes are mandatory steps for good design. They can lead you to take a few steps back and choose the right path. Mess up big time, it is the price to be paid for learning. We feel it would be better if we could allow ourselves to just lay back and say: “I tried, but I failed this time”. And be ok with that,” explains designer.

Smarin is currently exhibiting in Dubai as a part of Artroom design collection, which is taking place until the end of March in a Zumtobel warehouse in the heart of Al Quoz, opposite Al Serkal Avenue.

Founded in 2015 by Laure Parise and Najeh Zimmermann, Artroom, edition II features artworks and handmade design pieces by 25 artists and designers from 13 countries: UAE, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, France, Cuba, USA, Argentina among others. The big focus of this edition are emerging artists from the region.



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