Sliding shutters provide shade for homes in KSA

Four homes in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have applied traditional, Islamic climate-controlling techniques designed by Spanish architecture firm Dom Arquitectura.

In a land where summer temperatures can surpass 42 degrees Celsius, it seemed apt that the architects applied the region’s traditional techniques for moderating interior climates.

Such traditional techniques include mashrabiya screens and courtyards filled with plants.

The four homes are arranged around a spacious courtyard that works to keep the temperatures cool through cross ventilation, while the sliding shutters attached to the exterior of the homes provide an intermediate area that separates the interiors from the harsh heat of the outside environment.

The amount of holes in the screen increase toward the top of each panel, allowing for minimal sunlight as well as privacy.

The intricate mashribiya pattern is a centuries-old, Islamic technique that is known for providing shade, while still allowing some natural light into an interior space.


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