Sky high view of Mile High City

Sky high view of Mile High City

A unique pop-up inflatable room – with a view, as the roof can be left uncovered – is on offer for an unusual overnight stay in the US city of Denver.

Rising 6.7 meters in the air from the top of a van on which it sits, prices are also through the roof – guests need to find $50,000 dollars a night.

Architect Alex Schweder created the see-through room for the Biennial of the Americas festival of arts, culture and ideas which is taking place in the Colorado city.

It has a chemical toilet, shower, sink, inflatable bed and couch, and curtains and is being driven to parking lots around town this month.

“It’s a very small room but a very special room,” Schweder said. “You’re always on the top floor.”
The city’s Curtis hotel, which sponsored the piece, is offering the chance to stay in the aluminium and inflated vinyl structure called “The Hotel Rehearsal.”

For $50,000, a guest would get one weekend night, plus lots of extras including a diamond pendant and earrings, two iPods and a dance party for 100 people in a ballroom at the Curtis. No alcohol is allowed inside the room – to discourage people from using it as a bouncy castle – and a no smoking rule is in place.

Schweder said he undertook the project after he learned developers want to turn several  parking lots into hotels in Denver – known across the US as the Mile High City.

He said his design showed how the urban space could change.

Schweder, who is based in New York and at Queen’s College, Cambridge, England, spent two nights in the room.

While it has curtains, the architect left the roof uncovered during his stay so he could gaze up at the sky. He said: “The thing you shouldn’t forget in your suitcase is your imagination.”



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