The Novogratz creates first retail space for clothing store Babakul

Renowned U.S TV stars, husband and wife team, Cortney and Robert Novogratz, have created a retail pace for Babakul clothing store in Santa Monica, LA.

“Babakul was our first retail project, so it was really a big deal for us,” said Cortney.

“Kym Gold, who owns the store to showcase her “hippie chic” collection of sportswear, saw our first TV show on Bravo, 9 by design. She liked our aesthetic and thought it meshed well with her collection. So we met with her, and created the store, which is a boutique inside the iconic Fred Segal store, in Santa Monica.

“The space is around 2,500m2 and was just an empty box. We designed and built out the store quickly, and worked with amazing artisans and artists. Everybody loved the way it came out.”

The project took three months to complete with pieces installed from New York.

The Novogratz, as the design team is called, worked with UK artist , Ann Carrington to represent the brand’s customers of strong, stylish women, and she created a portrait of 70s pop singer Debbie Harry out of pearl buttons.

They also worked with wood artisan, John Houshmand, on the project, to create visually arresting focal points in the store, like the dressing rooms and in the library, where there is a seating area with design books.

“As always, we looked for different kinds of lighting to give the store personality,” added Cortney.

“We had a mix of modern and vintage, with a strong feminine side, but also lots of pops of colour. We wanted to make Babakul a unique shopping experience, and I think we accomplished that. It is spacious and open, yet still very united so that the clothes are displayed well, and the shopping is fun and entertaining on many levels.”




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