Singapore’s “vertical village” is world’s top building

Singapore’s “vertical village” is world’s top building

A “radical and alternative” housing project in Singapore has been named the World Building of the Year.

Judges at the eighth annual World Architecture Festival, held at Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, awarded the top prize to The Interlace – a “vertical village”.

The village, designed by Buro Ole Scheeran during his time at OMA, was praised for its approach to living in a tropical environment.

Festival director Paul Finch said the development was “blazing a trail with an example of bold, contemporary architectural thinking.”

He added: “The project presents an alternative way of thinking about developments which might otherwise become generic tower clusters.”

The building contains 31 residential blocks all stacked on top of one another and is six stories tall. Swimming pools, tennis courts, gardens and roof terraces are also featured in the village.

Other awards included the Future Project of the year award which was given to Vancouver House in Canada by BIG; the silhouette of which is said to resemble “a curtain being drawn aside”.

The Olympic Stadium in east London also scooped the 2015 Future-Led Development prize on day one of the festival, with judges praising the building as “sustainable, efficient and respectful of London’s Olympic heritage”.

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