Singapore is world’s most expensive city

Singapore is world’s most expensive city

Singapore tops the list of the most expensive city in the world for the second year in succession, a new survey comparing the cost of living in 133 cities reveals.

In second place is Paris, followed by Oslo, Zurich and Sydney in an unchanged top five. London is the world’s 11th most expensive city, says The Economists’ Intelligence Unit report.

London is now as expensive as Tokyo, which was replaced by Singapore as the most expensive city last year.

Cities in Pakistan and India, including Karachi, Bangalore and Mumbai make up four out of the top five cheapest cities to live in last year.

The EIU’s survey compares the cost of more than 160 services and products including food, clothing and utility bills.

Jon Copestake of the EIU said: ‘The situation of an unchanged top five is very rare for the worldwide cost of living survey and disguises some significant global drivers that are impacting on the cost of living everywhere.”

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