Siemens: energy management systems are a “backbone” for LEED

Siemens: energy management systems are a “backbone” for LEED

Energy management control systems are a crucial tool for attaining LEED certification, according to a key figure behind the green retrofit of Taiwan’s Taipei 101.

Speaking at the building’s LEED certification ceremony, Peter Halliday, vice president, Building Technologies Division, Siemens Taiwan, said: “Green buildings need a high performance energy management control system – it’s the backbone of LEED certification. It allows you to fine tune the building like a Formula One race car.”

Commenting on the green retrofit, Halliday added: “We were very lucky that Taipei 101 actually had environmental aspects in the initial design and build stage, which helped us to achieve [LEED Platinum status]. It would have made it a lot harder if it was just an average building.”

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