Shigeru Ban aids Ecuador earthquake relief effort

Shigeru Ban aids Ecuador earthquake relief effort

Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban has travelled to Ecuador to assist with disaster relief, following an earthquake which killed more than 650 people.

Ban has worked on disaster recovery projects all around the world and he  arrived in South America earlier this week to offer his support.

According to the College of Architects of Ecuador Provincial de Pichincha (CAE-P), the architect plans to visit the affected area, which is located near the towns of Muisne and Pedernales, and provide architectural training for rebuilding work in the capital Quito.

The 2016 Ecuador earthquake occurred on 16 April. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale.

Ban was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2014, partly in recognition of his pioneering use of cardboard and other low-cost materials for disaster relief architecture. Following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, he developed shipping-container homes for those affected, and last year designed dwellings for victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

Other projects include a temporary cardboard cathedral to replace the one destroyed in Christchurch, New Zealand, and timber and earth houses for the rehabilitation of a Sri Lankan fishing village.

“I want to make a balance of working for the privileged people and working for the disaster,” he said at a press conference held in 2014, the year he won the Pritzker Price. “And it’s becoming that there is no differences for me. Only difference is whether I am paid or not, but otherwise there is no differences.”

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