Sherlock Holmes theme park planned for England

Sherlock Holmes theme park planned for England

A $40m theme park celebrating the life of the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is set to be built in Portsmouth, England, where author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — who created the character in 1887 — used to live.

The park would feature rides and hi-tech holograms of the main characters as they solve crimes and re-enact scenes from stories such as The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The original stories were set in the late 19th century and saw the detective use reasoning and logic to solve crimes in partnership with Dr John Watson and sometimes with members of the Scotland Yard detective force.

Since publication the stories have never been out of print and the characters have undergone numerous transformations, including stage, screen, radio and TV versions.

“What we are talking about is a world class Sherlock Holmes experience,” Steve Pitt, of the Portsmouth Cultural Partnership, the organisation that came up with the idea said. “It would be very interactive and high quality.”

The city already has a large collection of original Conan Doyle material as well as posters and props from movies and TV shows – including the two latest incarnations  which feature Robert Downey Jnr on the big screen and Benedict Cumberbatch as a 21st century Holmes in a TV series shown round the world.

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