Selfie stick designer is dollar millionaire

Selfie stick designer is dollar millionaire

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The man credited with a design which, for some people, symbolises the cult of 21st century narcissistic behaviour, is now a millionaire.

Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm is considered to be the “father of the selfie stick” – a favourite on the beaches of Dubai but currently banned from Disney theme parks, Tottenham FC’s White Hart Lane stadium and the entire state of South Korea.

Fromm admits he wasn’t the first one to come up with an idea of a camera on a stick as that person is usually regarded as Hiroshi Ueda, an engineer for the camera company Minolta who experimented with an early design as far back as the 1980s.

Instead his claim is based on being the one who envisioned the entire scope of the selfie stick.

“Mine would attach to any camera, or any cellphone,” Fromm has stated

“The original selfie stick was more complex than the ones you see now,” Fromm says. “It had to survive the Arctic. I ran over it with an old Canadian tractor from 1959 with 1,000 pound tires.”

Fromm filed what is credited as the first US patent for a selfie stick in 2005, after years of experimenting with things like umbrella technology.

It was titled, an “Apparatus for supporting a camera and method for using the apparatus.”

Fromm’s version of the selfie stick is called the Quik Pod, and he’s been selling it in one form or another since 2006 – and despite competition from across the market more than one million have now been purchased worldwide – making him a dollar millionaire.

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