Schiavello opens new showroom in Dubai Design District

Schiavello opens new showroom in Dubai Design District

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Australian furniture brand Schiavello has been delivering projects in the region since 1980’s and has now bolstered its MENA presence with a new showroom in Dubai Design District.

“The opening of the new showroom is a symbol of Schiavello’s dedication to the MENA markets and will continue to be a gateway for unique Australian and international designs to the UAE,” explains Peter Schiavello.

Working with Australian and international designers, the collection on display showcases Schiavello’s approach to enhancing collaboration, concentration and health in the workplace and living spaces.

Recent product launches include Krossi, a new sit-to-stand workstation system that allows movement from a seated to an upright position, and Focus, a series of soft barriers and booths that encourages individual work, providing acoustic absorption and privacy for those who need it.

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