Saudi megaroof is most complex ever designed

Saudi megaroof is most complex ever designed

The roof of a new large-scale financial centre for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has been hailed by its designers as the most complex ever assembled.

Architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill put together plans for the so-called “megaroof” which has been given an award from the American Society of Landscape Architects before completion

The construction has 165 enormous reinforced steel triangles that are connected using 98 joints.

Engineer Luca Frattari said the design of the joints are one of the most complicated he has ever encountered as they must be able to endure the harsh effects of the weather of Saudi Arabia while maintaining structural integrity.

The project is part of an overall plan to establish KSA’s capital as a leading financial centre. It is one of the major investments in Saudi building and infrastructure by its government, which is also committed to building housing, educational facilities, hotels and improving transport.

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