Saudi Arabian and Filipino architects work together

Saudi Arabian and Filipino architects work together

Greater ties are set to be created between architects from the Philippines working in Saudi Arabia and their host counterparts.

Around 12,500 Filipino architects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stand to benefit from the memorandum of understanding which will boost cooperation and information exchange between them and Saudi design professionals.

The Philippine Council of Engineers and Architects (PCEA) led by chairman Mario Balboa and the Saudi Council of Engineers represented by chairman Hamad Al-Shegawi signed the agreement at the Philippine embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Al Shegawi said the Filipinos “are the best in terms of skill and competence” and added he looked forward to working more closely with them in the near future.
All parties said the agreements should be mutually beneficial to the economies of the Philippines and Saudi Arabia and would enhance the engineering profession as well as promote the  exchange of expertise and information.

The move comes at a time when architectural and construction projects across Saudi Arabia are booming because of investment in housing, healthcare, education and public transport.

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