Saudi Arabia to ban inexperienced engineers starting January 2018

Saudi Arabia to ban inexperienced engineers starting January 2018

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Expatriate engineers with less than five years of experience will no longer be recruited in Saudi Arabia starting January 2018, according to the Saudi Council of Engineers, Construction Week reported.

Engineering companies involved in urgent projects have been given a three-month deadline to terminate the contracts of inexperienced engineers who applied for recruitment before the decision, according to the Saudi Gazette.

The agreement, reached in August, makes it mandatory for expatriate engineers to undergo a professional test and a personal interview to ensure that they are familiar with the profession and its specialisation.

The aim of this decision is to provide opportunities for Saudi engineers through job creation to promote empowerment for local professionals.

The new rule overrides a previous decision by the Saudi Council of Engineers which required a three-year experience, a personal interview and a professional test as minimum conditions for the recruitment of expatriate engineers.

Engineers will bear the consequences if submitted documents fail to prove the required experience, the council has said.


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