Sao Paulo tower designed from scrap material

Sao Paulo tower designed from scrap material

Designed for this year’s eVolo’s skyscraper competition, Brazil-based architecture firm Projecto Colectivo has created a tower that uses Sao Paulo rubbish.

The tower aims to raise awareness on the way people generate waste, intending to change the mindset towards a more sustainable path.

The building will be placed alongside the rivers Tietê and Pinheiros, with a recycling and upcycling centre at the lower levels and apartments for the homeless on the upper levels.

Residents of the building will be required to work in the recycling centres where the materials will then be used for the building’s construction as well as crafts.

The two rivers alongside the building will be used as waterways to transport the waste to the upcycling centers, while traffic will be improved due to the shortened travelling distance for garbage trucks.

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