The Saint Sulpice bench by Eric Chevalier for Domeau Pérès

Domeau & Pérès have been invited to recreate the “Saint Sulpice” bench, designed by Eric Chavalier, for the Parisian boutique Carven.

The title of the bench takes its name from the Saint Sulpice Church that is situated opposite the boutique.

The three slats that form the seat of the bench are upholstered in leather or felt, as is the back seat.

The legs are lacquered in a co-ordinated colour. Domeau & Pérès have released three different colours: slate-grey, caramel and liquorice, all of which are available in either leather or felt.

There is also a choice of lengths and the option to have a back seat or not –a total of 36 different designs.

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