Russian architects to renovate cultural centre in Afghanistan

Russian architects to renovate cultural centre in Afghanistan

The House of Soviet Science and Culture in Kabul, Afghanistan was destroyed during the war in the 90s, so the Russian Federation held a competition for the renovation of the 1982 structure.

St.Petersburg-based Architectural Bureau A Len won the prize to reconstruct the building, respecting the existing structure as well as the culture and climate of its host nation.

The complex contains several blocks including the cultural centre, the sports complex, the covered swimming pool and the inhabited block as well as a library, showrooms, business centre, cinema, club and multipurpose rooms.

The main entrance contains a strongly overhanging console with minimalist and laconic volume.

On the other hand, the core of the centre is the courtyard with a courtyard tradition to Asia. This part pays tribute to the local climate featuring a perforated skin that encloses a central oasis.

The shapes of the openings in the facades are composed from ornamental parametrical drawing, with elements from Russian traditional ornaments.

the same time staying within the obtained planning permits,” explained George.



Photography is by Gijo Paul George.

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