Rubbish could be turned into floating villa

Rubbish could be turned into floating villa

The Floating Villa, also known as Recycled Island, is the brainchild of Ramon Knoester, founder and principal architect at Dutch company WHIM Architecture.

It involves using waste normally dumped at sea or in landfill to create a mass which flats on the water – with a home then constructed on top out of the same material.

“This project came from my own personal interest in the possibility of habitats that respond to rising sea levels well as in the recycled plastics, in particular, sea-waste as a building material,” Knoester said.

The self-sufficient floating villa would have some of the comforts of a traditional land-locked home, including shared rooms, private rooms and even an outdoor garden.

WHIM is talking to marine architects about the feasibility of the scheme, which the company says could be a way to protect communities from rising waters.

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