The Royal Treasures Gallery opens in Dubai

The Royal Treasures Gallery opens in Dubai

The Royal Treasures Gallery

The Royal Treasures Gallery in Dubai houses some of the world’s finest crystal antiques and rare artifacts.

It opened in Al Diyafah Road opposite Sheikh Hamdan Towers recently and currently has a range of “F&C Osler” crystal chandeliers, Baccarat chandeliers and Oriental and European crystal antiques on display.

Throughout their childhood, twin brothers Munchi and Dinsha Shroff owners of the Royal Treasures Gallery, were exposed to antique dealings with their father Pallon Shroff – a renowned antique collector.

After two successful exhibitions in the UAE in 2008 and 2009, the pair decided to open a gallery in Dubai with business partner Manav Suri.

“Dubai is a success story on its own and with a discerning, affluent population. Their palatial homes and palaces need one of a kind collectibles. Our aim is to change the mindset of people and introduce them to an opulent lifestyle,” said Munchi Shroff .

Catering to all antique lovers, the gallery hosts a wide collection of pre 1936 antiques with genuine pedigree lineage, ranging from opulent crystal Oud bottles and oriental wooden furniture to crystal chandeliers.

Better known as the ‘Osler Twins’, the Shroff brothers pride themselves as the regions only specialists in “F&C Osler” crystal chandeliers , holding the world’s largest collection under one roof.

“We have the best of Osler in one showroom. At any given time we have about 40, whereas the average dealer will have three or four. Now, if anyone wants to sell an Osler chandelier they contact us directly thus cutting out several middlemen,” added Munchi.

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