Rome’s Coliseum set for major restoration

Rome’s Coliseum set for major restoration

One of the world’s most iconic structures, the Coliseum in Rome, will undergo an extensive restoration programme.

Areas to be restored on the nearly 2000-year-old amphitheater include the northern and southern prospectus, the ambulatory and the hypogea.

In addition, the arches will have replaced fornice gate closures, the visitor’s service and reception area will be external rather than internal, and there will be a retrofit code compliance and implementation of standard equipment.

The restoration is supported by The Tod’s Group, a brand representative of Made in Italy. Diego Della Valle, president and CEO of the group, said: “We hope this important initiative encourages other companies and private patrons proud of our culture and country to follow. These signals could mark the beginning of a series of similar initiatives, strengthening our country’s image and creditability worldwide.”

The Tod’s Group is also backing the creation of a non-profit Amici del Colosseo Association, promoting the restoration project and other initiatives, with a social purpose. The outreach programme is dedicated mainly towards bringing the youth and elderly closer to the monument.

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