Romania’s eco-friendly mountain “castle”

Romania’s eco-friendly mountain “castle”

A couple from Romania have constructed an eco-friendly “fairytale castle” in the mountains of Transylvania using just straw, clay and sand..

Razvan and Gabriela Vasile sold their home near the capital Bucharest to build the structure in a village 40km from the city of Sibiu.

Called the “Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies”, it is made of “100% organic” materials, all wooden pillars and no paint.

Locals say the building “looks like something out of The Hobbit” rather than a castle in the conventional sense.

Its owners hope to open it as a hotel, given its location in the spectacular Carpathian Mountains and proximity to medieval Sibiu.

It is already a tourist attraction in its own right, and one couple even hosted their wedding reception there.

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