Rockwell Group creates Japanese-inspired urban hotel in New York

New York based architect David Rockwell, has completed work on the US flagship Yotel, inspired by Japanese capsule hotels and the airline experience.

Situated in Manhattan’s theatre district on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue, the 669-room urban hotel is designed by Rockwell Group and UK-based design firm Softroom.

To transform the exterior of the building into a beacon for the hotel, Rockwell Group added dimensional pre-cast concrete surfacing lit with LEDs to the façade, based on the Yotel lozenge logo. The portal is made of backlit laminated frosted glass.

The 18 floor hotel is covered in its brand colours of purples, blues, beiges and greens. The target audience is on-the-go world travelers who are coming to New York for a short stay, who want to be in the middle of the action.

The lobby is streamlined and futuristic with a warm bamboo canopy covering the robotic baggage drop-off and electronic check-in kiosks. The luggage robot is the central feature of the space, a theatrically lit machine whose inner-workings are exposed to create a mechanical performance for the guests as it loads and stores their belongings.

On the 4th floor is a 105-seat restaurant inspired by the Japanese dojo, and a small gym.

One of the most coveted features of Yotel 42nd Street is the 20,000 square foot outdoor terrace lounge, the largest in Manhattan. This space is landscaped with bamboo trees, and boasts private covered cabanas and a separate VIP area.


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