Robot car parking comes to Oman

Robot car parking comes to Oman

For years robots have been building cars – now they are parking them as well.

A system of automated car parking has been installed in Oman which allows drivers to pull up and leave their vehicles without the need to find a space

It is in place at a garage in Azaiba – a suburb of Muscat – and has capacity to store 104 cars on steel pallets.

All drivers have to do is stop on the pallet and leave. The robotic system then slides the car off to an allotted slot where it is safe from other swinging car doors.

The retrieval system takes 120 seconds from the moment the owner swipes his card.

The system has been so popular that Anil Cherian, general manager of IPARK – the company behind the system, says they’re speaking with other businesses in Oman and in the UAE over larger sites.

“Customers have now realised that car parking is the need of the hour, and keeping that in mind, we are now designing many projects for more than 2,000 car parking spaces in Oman and United Arab Emirates,” he said.

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