RMJM launches interior design department in Dubai

RMJM launches interior design department in Dubai

Global architecture and design firm RMJM has announced the launch of an interior design department within its Dubai office, which kick-started last March.

Associate and head of interior design at RMJM, Sharon Jutla explains how principal, John Clemow invited her to develop and build a team of designers within the firm.

The plan to grow a significant ID department correlates with the firm’s plans to widen its capabilities and enhance its growth in the region, she says.

With 16 years of international design experience from around the world including the Middle East, Jutla has worked on numerous high profile projects spanning over a number of sectors including commercial, hospitality, residential and retail, among others.

“When I joined RMJM, my aim was to share my wealth of experience and knowledge in the practice. It was an exciting challenge to create a strong team that is young and dynamic and ready to accept design challenges and to identify opportunities in the field,” she says.

She adds: “My aim was to initiate the success story for RMJM ID regionally, working on various lead projects across the world. I can proudly say that this vision has been achieved as RMJM ID is currently working on some large projects in different sectors.”

Some of these projects include a 54-storey residential tower in Dubai Marina, a large mixed-use scheme including retail, luxury residential and hotels in Abu Dhabi, a series of multiple commercial buildings in Media City as well as projects in Africa and Qatar.

Team work is of key importance to broadening the new department within the firm, Jutla explains.

“We believe that studio mentality is an open collaborative process that demands innovative solutions and that makes our work fresh. In such an environment creative ideas blend and form a strong basis for design inception and development. Each member of the team gets to input their talents, expertise, experience and perspective into the design process.”

“As an international brand we are continuously on the lookout for creative minds and talents from across the region and the world. We believe that the diversity within our company enhances the work environment and design process.”

She adds that RMJM additionally provide internships for young minds in the region, “presenting them a chance to apply the knowledge gained at university on real projects in the industry”.

2015 has already started off as a busy year, Julta explains including a strong team of designers and a series of new large scale projects which will grow the RMJM brand.

Concluding, Jutla says: “In the coming months, as projects are publically announced, you will be seeing more of RMJM. As our team grows and we win and complete more projects, I am confident that soon, RMJM’s ID works will have a place within the dialogue of contemporary interior design.”

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