Ribbon-like broadcast tower wins Turkey design competition

Ribbon-like broadcast tower wins Turkey design competition

International architecture firms IND and Powerhouse Company have won a competition to design a 100 metre broadcast and observation tower in Turkey. The design of the winning proposal is strongly reminiscent of a continuous ribbon.

The project will be set on a forested hilltop on the outskirts of Çanakkale, a historical city in Turkey, with a project that rises above the ground and stretched upwards to create the tower.

Briefed to include recreational facilities such as exhibition spaces and observation decks and a communication mast, a statement released about the project stated that: “The design of the new Çanakkale Antenna Tower resolves these paradoxes by uniting all the different functions and spatial requirement into one spatial gesture.”

Visitors are enabled to wander along a raised path that is set to loop around the site and lead to the visitor centre, built above the treetops on the edge of the hill facing the city.

The tower was deliberately positioned away from the visitor centre in order to reduce the risks of radiation from the transmitters.

The statement added: “The antenna tower is formed by joining the two vertical paths, creating a gracious gateway under which the visitors enter the premises,” added the statement. “This gesture creates a strong visual identity; an iconic appearance from afar that is transformed into an elaborate scenic experience when up close.”

The space surrounded by the looping pathway will be dedicated to use as a park that visitors will be able to access at points where the path touches the ground, and from a staircase beneath the viewing deck.


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