Retro-style Kuwaiti gym features glass interior

Retro-style Kuwaiti gym features glass interior

Lab 100 Design Studio has added curved glass interiors and a mezzanine level have been added to a boxing gymnasium in Kuwait.

Materials used throughout the The Burrow were influenced by the simple styles of retro gyms.

Located on an industrial site close to the country’s main airport, it is the first commercial boxing gym in the region. It has a large lobby, semi-private workout halls, a boxing arena and an elevated area.

“While we were designing the space, the key factor was emphasising a natural flow of movement and the element of surprise,” said Lab100 Design Studio.

In order to reach the main workout area of the club, members walk through a white-tiled corridor, passing by the locker room and into the main workout hall.

Curved glass corners were added to the corridors, creating a visual connection between the entrance, lockers and main workout area.

In contrast to the narrow entrance passageways, the spacious gym is an open-plan space and features an elevated boxing ring in its centre.

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