Renovation starts on BurJuman mall

Renovation starts on BurJuman mall

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Dubai’s BurJuman mall announced the start of major renovation works to its North wing, aimed at extending and architecturally unifying the space and adding a major grocery store and multiplex cinema.

The mall’s north exterior entrance is set to be completely redesigned and an al fresco dining area will be added to the wing. BurJuman’s total retail area will be increased to over one million square feet from the current 800,000 square feet once the renovation phases have been finalised.

The renovation phases are due to be rolled out over the coming 18-24 months, with initial MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) work starting immediately and structural work starting in the last quarter of 2011. The renovation will be carried out in stages to ensure minimal disruption.

Key elements include the addition of a fourth floor cinema complex and the extension of the third floor family entertainment area to include an extended food court. Following the renovations, the food court will be doubled in size and link directly to the Pavillion Gardens in the mall’s South wing. Several new F&B brands are expected to join BurJuman’s current dining offering.

The upcoming renovation plans build on BurJuman’s most recent enhancements completed in early 2009, which included the construction of 34,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space on the mall’s ground floor, including a redesigned exterior façade, and a direct main entrance from Khalid Bin Al Walid Street and the adjoining Dubai Metro Station.

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