Relicta launches aeronautic interior design

Relicta launches aeronautic interior design


Relicta Design (from the Latin Relicta ‘residue’/’carcass’) is a company created in 2010 by Rosario Gallina and Tiziano Rutilo to create decorative and modern furniture using pieces of old aeroplanes.

All its products are made out of aircraft carcasses coming from different boneyards across the globe.

The idea is to recycle and re-value these forgotten pieces to give them a second life.

“We develop and create unique homemade pieces of furniture that allows us to deliver state-of-the-art products meeting any kind of needs,” said Gallina.

“The results are an exclusive one-of-a-kind production including desks from wing, flap, stabilisator,  a coffee table from wing, flap, engine, seats from nose cowl B737, reception desks from nose cowl B-747 and art-deco from fuselage.”

After the company successfully launched its products on the Belgian market, it now plans to expand across the Middle East, Asia and Russia.


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