Rare Frank Lloyd Wright renderings discovered

Rare Frank Lloyd Wright renderings discovered

A collection of 12 rare monographs by Frank Lloyd Wright have been discovered and donated to Lawrence Technical University, a US architecture and design college.

They belonged to Detroit-based engineer Clifford Holforty who died in July 2014 and left an extensive collection of architecture books.

His family decided that the books should be donated to Michigan schools and libraries in his memory.

While cataloging and supervising the documentation and distribution of the books, Holferty’s son-in-law, Grand Rapids architect Ralph Moxley discovered a set of rare Frank Lloyd Wright monographs.

The 12 volumes were protected by individual cardboard boxes and many appeared to have never been opened.

Volumes 1-8 cover periods of Wright’s work, starting with 1887-1901 and ending with 1951-59. Volumes 9-12 are preliminary studies from three time periods, and volume 12 contains renderings from throughout his career.

“After researching the monographs on the Internet, we found they were quite rare and very valuable,” Moxley said.

“After some discussion, we determined that the 12 volumes should be donated to a Michigan architecture school for the students to utilise and study.”

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