A new range of LED lights unveiled by GE Lighting

A new range of LED lights unveiled by GE Lighting

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A new range of LED lighting called Edge has been revealed by GE Lighting.

Simon Fisher, general manager EMEA – indoor commercial LED luminaires, GE Lighting, was in UAE recently to host a designer council and introduce the new range to relevant people.

“Historically, GE is a lamp business and is moving into commercial projects, from a lamp business into a luminaire business for architectural lighting,” said Fisher.

He said the Middle East region is seen to be very progressive with its attitudes towards lighting, and the new Edge range of products, will be ambient office lighting.

“We’ve now opened the distribution centre here, which showcases we’re committed to this region and very well placed to service it,” he added.

Only one product from the range will be launched this year, with the remaining to be revealed in 2012. There will be 10 products in the Edge range in total, which will be recessed and suspended office lighting products.

“We’ve already generated a significant project pipeline with a huge amount of interest and I firmly believe it’s the best solution out there,” said Fisher.

He added he is now focused on the next product range, which will complement Edge. This range will be launched at Light+Building 2012.

The Edge lighting products will get the EMEA launch in London in the first week of November 2011.

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