RAK Ceramics develops products with European design houses

RAK Ceramics develops products with European design houses

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RAK Ceramics has announced it has partnered with design houses in Europe to add to the company’s in-house team of designers based in Ras Al Khaimah, Spain, Italy, France and UK.

It also said it continues to invest in modern tile manufacturing technologies and in-depth research programs to better understand customer habits and other  factors that help in designing new products.

“Our in-house designers are regularly in touch with our consultants from all over Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain, which are the best places to look for new designs and technology,” said Abdallah Massaad, deputy CEO, RAK Ceramics.

“RAK Ceramics’ collaboration with Italian and Spanish design houses has been very successful as the designs that we have introduced have become trend-setters and received excellent response from our customers worldwide,” he added.

“RAK Ceramics also strongly believes in the critical importance of understanding customer needs and adopting the latest technologies to maintain our flexibility to launch new and customised products that satisfy the evolving requirements of our global clientele,” he said.

“In this regard, RAK Ceramics continues to aggressively invest in research activities to better understand the habits of customers, their lifestyle tastes, colour preferences, social patterns, as well as environmental conditions and other contributing factors that help us determine the best designs for each target market.

“We are constantly at work to fill market gaps and take advantage of advances in technology to introduce trend-setting, innovative product designs and concepts,” added Massaad.

Employing in-house designers and consultants from Italy, Spain, France and UK is important in conceptualising and implementing new product designs as Italian and Spanish designs are greatly in-demand worldwide.

RAK Ceramics has already introduced several products inspired by Italian and Spanish designs such as the Stone Art collection, Orion collection and the Top Class collection.

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