The quality of design

The quality of design

Over the many years that I’ve worked in the design world, one realisation has been a constant source of discussion, debate and review: quality design makes an evident difference in your working and personal life.

My first foray into the design scene was granted whilst working at Elle Decoration back in the United Kingdom, and I witnessed the ever-growing campaign to stamp out copying in the design world. Known as ACID, the campaign was launched to help British designers protect their work and prevent the growing trend of companies copying timeless design pieces and selling them to consumers at a fraction of the cost. The campaign received, and is still receiving, a growing amount of attention and is something that I’ve been following with great interest.

At Wallpaper magazine, I was fortunate enough to meet with a host of international designers who discussed their experiences and projects. During these long conversations, there was an understanding and appreciation for their individual designs.

What became very apparent was that producing a truly original piece of design, whether that be a chair, a table, a bed or any other piece of furniture, came about from a sense of passion, a dedicated focus on craftsmanship and a true sense of understanding what the piece was going to be used for.

Dubai prepares to play host to Downtown Design, a new design fair aimed at design industry professionals who truly appreciate, understand and take into account the quality of design. There can be no better time for companies and individuals alike to take stock and really appreciate and invest in quality designed pieces that make for an infinitely wiser, long-term investment as opposed to less sustainable, more disposable options.

For four days starting from the 29th of October, Downtown Design will bring to the market a truly hand selected roster of international design brands who are themselves renowned for their quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail; and who are known for their values and principles which are at the core of the event.

Placing a strong emphasis on design within the work place can both enhance productivity and creativity. Brands such as USM and Vitsoe produce some of the most iconic shelving and storage systems in the world and combine aesthetic beauty with essential practicality.

The way a space is designed and therefore flows with your everyday life is something that a lot of us seemingly take for granted. It’s when you enter into a poorly designed room or office that you suddenly notice the flaws in the furniture, lighting and general surroundings.

There should be no reason why, in this day and age, where businesses and individuals alike don’t take the time and money to invest in good design and well-manufactured, original products. There can be no more productive way to spend most of your working life than with items of design that not only enhance your environment, but also aid your productivity.

Mark Stobbs is the head of marketing for Downtown Design, a new four day long design exhibition set for October 29 – November 1, 2013.

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