Qatari culture and traditions inspire tram design

Qatari culture and traditions inspire tram design

The sea, ship shapes and the architecture and nature of Qatar have all come together to inspire of a tram for the city of Lusail.

Alstom and Qatar Rail unveiled the design of the Citadis tram with its front shaped like the bow of a vessel, inspired by the dhows, traditional boats of the area.

Its blue tones also reflect the sea, inviting passengers to climb aboard and take a cool break from the heat of Qatar.

The interior design echoes the architecture of the area, incorporating touches of yellow that recall the Lusail flower.

Abdulla Al Subaie, Qatar Rail’s managing director said: “Across our projects, our build and design stages have been guided by the powerful coming together of tradition with modernity.

“Deeply entrenched in Qatari culture and heritage, the Lusail tram designs celebrate the convergence of our country’s history with ground-breaking technologies and cutting-edge solutions. We are creating a seamless consumer journey and experience built around the local community’s needs and values.

The tram design can accommodate 207 passengers in “common” and “family” classes. It can be coupled to double its capacity. The tram features the latest technologies such as the permanent magnet motors which reduces energy consumption.

Gian Luca Erbacci, senior vice president for Alstom Middle East & Africa added: “There are currently more than 1,800 Alstom light rail vehicles in operation throughout the world. Each Citadis has its own specific design and is customized to reflect its city’s image and culture. We are very happy to have partnered with Qatar Railways to come up with a unique design that will certainly please the passengers and residents of Lusail.”

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