Qatar World Cup memorial pays homage to deceased workers

Qatar World Cup memorial pays homage to deceased workers

Image by  1Week1Project

Over 400 Nepalese migrant workers have died on building sites in Doha in preparation for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Guardian reported.

Statistics have been derived from the Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committe, a human rights organisation which complies lists of dead workers through official resources in Doha.

Architecture collective 1Week1Project has proposed a bleak-looking memorial building to mark the current deaths of migrant workers and those expected to die by 2022.

The proposal is a towering structure made of giant stones, one for each dead worker, who make up 400 of the approximately 1,000 deaths.

A crane is planned to be placed at the top of the structure, which will add more stones to the tower as more deaths occur.

If the predicted death rate is reached, the hypothetical tower could rise almost a mile in the sky, taller than all the existing skyscrapers currently in the region.

The plans for the memorial shows that each layer would be constructed from eight stones, representing eight deaths. Looking up from inside the structure, one can see a vortex of interlocking bricks twisting towards the sky.

The collective’s website states: “This structure offers Nepalese and Indian families as well as families of other nationalities a site for mourning removed from Qatar’s cities and skyscrapers.

“The project has a multitude of itineraries for visiting,  on basis of four modules per floor and two staircase modules.”


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