Qatar stadia could be ready well before World Cup

Qatar stadia could be ready well before World Cup

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Albert Speer and Partner (AS&P), the German architecture firm behind eight of Qatar’s twelve stadia for the 2022 World Cup, has revealed that the venues could be ready several years before the event.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Axel Bienhaus, partner at AS&P, said, “I don’t think they will wait three years to get going on the stadia. There are many things, such as the cooling strategies, that need to be tested ahead of time.”

He continued, “It would be a good idea to have the stadia ready by 2020 and use them in the Confederation Cup in 2021. But they may even be ready before then, perhaps by 2018. Qatar wants to show the world that it is well prepared for this event.”

Bienhaus also added that detailed plans have emerged, although they cannot be released to the media.

“For all of our stadia we have detailed ground floor plans. We are currently discussing with the client which stadium will be implemented first. An idea is to build one stadium as a prototype,” he said.

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