Qatar in unique situation says Aedas director

Qatar in unique situation says Aedas director

Aedas, Qatar, Qatar 2022

The construction boom in Qatar is creating unique challenges and the state is calling for international partners, according to the Qatar director of Aedas.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Peter DeVido said: “The majority of Qatari clients are looking for partners, to take on challenges together and to find innovative solutions to challenges that have not existed anywhere else in the world in the past.”

He continued: “The market in Qatar is very strong.  There is an obvious focus at  the moment on infrastructure, which demonstrates the strengths and vision of Qatar in their quest to realise a successful World Cup.

“The potential of the market in the future is tremendous, not only because of the World Cup, but because of the planned growth of the country, prior to the World Cup bid.”

He added that clients have an appetite for good design. “We are seeing our clients place heavy emphasis on design quality, and we believe that is because most of the development in Qatar is not speculative.  Developers are here first and foremost to develop land for the long-term benefit.”

DeVido revealed that cost is not the only driving factor in Qatar, unlike other countries in the Gulf. He said: “Obviously, projects must be commercially feasible, but return on investment is not the only priority.  From large and small developers we are dealing with in Doha, the focus in on the long-term economic and social viability.

“Every Qatar project we are involved in has sustainability high on the priority list. The predominant driving factors are execution, quality and sustainability, not only cost.  Cost has been a driving factor in other GCC markets, especially over the past 2-3 years.”

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