Prototype prefabricated design tested in rural Brazil

Prototype prefabricated design tested in rural Brazil

South American architecture firm MAPA has built a prefabricated modular home and transported it by lorry to a picturesque spot in the countryside outside the Brazlian city of Porto Alegre.

The design is a prototype for a project called Minimod, a business creating bespoke modular structures that can be used as homes, remote hotels, pop-up shops or temporary showrooms.

The residential retreat comprises four separate areas for sleeping, lounging, dining and bathing within a simple steel-framed structure.

The two end walls of the building are entirely glazed. At one end, this frames views out from the bedroom area, while at the other it creates a shower room that can be treated as both an inside or outside space, depending on which doors have been opened.

The base of the building is raised off the ground to protect it from rising damp and the roof is covered with plants that integrate a natural system of rainwater harvesting and filtration.

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