Progressive school campus set for Sweden

Progressive school campus set for Sweden

Danish firms AART Architects and Schonherr Landscape have won a competition to design a forward-thinking education campus in Skara, Sweden.

A 10,000m2 lower secondary school is located within a 49-acre green park and incorporates a central open square to encourage students to interact.

The school will contain interactive learning resources, such as touchscreens in the main square and weather stations to encourage students to measure the building’s energy consumption and local climate data.

A small zoo and science garden will aid the pupils’ biological studies, enabling them to learn through interaction with animals and plants in their natural environment.

Anders Tyrrestrup, partner at AART, added: “In the design of Campus Park Skara, we strive to excite the students’ curiosity and desire to learn by using the architecture as an innovative learning platform, stimulating their senses and social interaction.”

The main school building will be constructed around a large atrium, allowing visual contact between floors. It will incorporate a media centre and café alongside the necessary teaching facilities.

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