Prince Charles rules London developments claims Richard Rogers

Prince Charles rules London developments claims Richard Rogers

Prince Charles has an effective veto over plans for developments in London, according to a leading architect.

Richard Rogers claims the heir to the British throne influence is so strong London developers won’t risk his opposition to new projects.

The explosive comments were made in an interview with the influential New Yorker magazine.

Rogers, who has lost two big projects after interventions by the Prince – Chelsea Barracks and Paternoster Square – said the royal influence was so strong he had what amounts to a veto over any new projects in the city.

He claimed developers want to protect themselves from huge financial losses that would be inevitable were a project to become unbuildable because of royal objections.

Rogers described it as: “An amazing situation. But they’re into minimising risk – and Prince Charles is a

A spokesman for Prince Charles said there was no evidence for the claims.
“Developers do not seek planning approval from the Prince of Wales as planning development approvals lie with local planning authorities,” he said.

“If developers choose to send the Prince of Wales information about upcoming developments that is up to them but the Prince does not, and cannot, grant planning permission.

“The Prince does regularly receive letters from members of the public complaining about developments and planning decisions.

“The Prince has received this sort of feedback from the public for decades, which is why his interest in the
built environment goes beyond individual developments and architectural style to encouraging a sense of community and pride of place and improving the quality of people’s lives overall.”

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