Polish foldable skyscraper concept for disaster zones wins the 2018 eVolo competition

Polish foldable skyscraper concept for disaster zones wins the 2018 eVolo competition

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This year’s winners of the eVolo competition have been announced. Polish designers Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, and Piotr Pańczyk designed an origami-inspired foldable skyscraper which can be transported and deployed in disaster zones.

Called the (above), the tower attempts to address crisis response issues in a disaster-hit area by offering a structure with large floor surface, which is compact, easy to transport anywhere and can be deployed with a minimum amount of time and manpower requirements. It is meant to serve as a multi-purpose hub for any relief operation.

The second entry (above) restores the traditional interactions between Jinja (Japanese Shinto Shrine) and local people by re-contextualising a busy urban corner in Ginza, Tokyo with a vertically organised Jinja cum rice-farming complex.

In the past, Jinja and rice farming were the centre of the Japanese economy. The paddy field and Jinja complex also served as centres of everyday interaction. As cities expand, both rice farming and Jinja remains in the shadow of urban livings. Jinja complex is overshadowed by modern skyscrapers.

The proposal by Hong Kong-based architect Tony Leung looks for a new way of inhabiting the territory, through a system of buildings at height, avoiding the effects of the old settlement model. The objective is to restore the traditional interactions between a Shinto Shrine and the local people – an urban building for rice farming, spiritual meditation, and community development.

The recipient of the third place is Claudio C. Araya Arias from Chile for the project Waria Lemuy: Fire Prevention Skyscraper (above). This proposal envisions a new prototype for vertical housing in areas damaged by wild fires in Chile. The project makes use of passive systems to mitigate wind and disperse water to prevent new fires.

Air purification tower, Iran

City Rehab- Detroit

Amman Living Quarry, Jordan

Regional entries which received honourable mention include an air purification skyscraper by Golnaz Mayel Afshar, Faranak Momeni Azandaryani from Iran; City Rehab – Detroit by Jordanian designers Yassin Nour Al-tubor, Fawzi Bata, Boran Al-Amro, Yazeed Balqar; and Amman Living Quarry by Baraa Kawasmi, Amal Tatfi from Jordan.

Photos: eVolo

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