Police seize disputed Gaza Banksy artwork

Police seize disputed Gaza Banksy artwork

Police have seized a  work of art by the UK’s Banksy which once adorne3d the door of a devastated Gaza house.

The Banksy mural painted on a bombed out home could now be reunited with its original owner who claims he was duped into selling it for just $200.

Palestinian police have seized the work under a court order from Bilal Khaled, who is accused of buying the piece painted on a door belonging to the Darduna family without telling them its real value.

The now homeless family say they were tricked into parting with the valuable collector’s item by the world famous British anonymous street artist, whose works can fetch up to $1m.

The disputed art shows Greek goddess Niobe weeping on a metal doorway which was all that remained standing of the Darduna family home.

Rabea Darduna said the family had filed a complaint against Bilal Khaled for fraud and “to demand justice in retrieving the graffiti”.

Darduna’s lawyer, Mohammed Rihan, confirmed the conflicting claims to the Bansky painting were under court review.

“I will seek to return the door to its true owner, Rabea Darduna. My client was cheated,” said Rihan.

But Khaled claimed: “”The policemen took the door away and they told me it would be held in accordance with a court order because there was a lawsuit against me.

“I am the true owner of the door now, and I will seek to establish this in court.”

“I’m going to exercise my rights over this graffiti because I have the paperwork to prove that I own it.”


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