PLP pens masterplan for Silk Road city

PLP pens masterplan for Silk Road city

PLP Architecture has unveiled designs for a 660,000m2 masterplan in the city of Ningbo, China, a 2,000-year old trading post on the ancient Silk Road.

The project, called N+, aims to become a large-scale creative hub and is hoping to draw on Ningbo’s special tax status to attract major luxury European fashion houses.

N+ will include a high-rise office district as well as a neighbourhood with boutique hotels, designer concept stores and fashion villas.

Lee Polisano, Partner at PLP Architecture said: “This project is of unprecedented scale and addresses the challenge of designing a city, something that is relatively permanent, for fashion, which is quintessentially ephemeral.

“The relationship between a brand and its consumers has evolved irrevocably with each seeking new ways to communicate and engage. N+ will not only provide a platform for allowing brands to interact with people in a multitude of new ways but also act as a creative catalyst in its own right.”

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