Plans to reflect view of Burj Khalifa across Dubai

Plans to reflect view of Burj Khalifa across Dubai

A think-tank has proposed enveloping the Burj Khalifa in a reflective cocoon.

Dubai-based OP-EN, which explores new possibilities in architecture and design, said the casing could be suspended from the building’s central core and would reflect views of both the world’s tallest tower and the city skyline from different angles.

The envelope would be formed using a super-lightweight and semi-transparent fabric with a fan-shaped support structure.

OP-EN explained that visitors would be able to view the temporary installation from a distance, but also be able to get close and even touch the facade.

The design team said: “The end-result would amplify the visual perspectives of the city’s skyline, augment the tower’s symbol as an urban center of gravity, and create an artistic atmosphere on a vast architectural scale.”


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