The Pizza Factory

In DIFC, the financial centre of Dubai, sits the newly opened Pizza Factory, where the rich, Italian flavours are combined with contemporary interior design.

While the pizzeria offers an array of delicious meals, the design definitely plays a main role and an integral part of the Pizza Factory experience.

The owner’s initial request was to create an environment that recalls the old handicraft factories in order to emphasise the rediscovery of authentic flavours and genuine food.

The materials used are an expression of simplicity and purity, too, including the wood, which is left in its natural state with a simple wax finish; the flooring that appears as basic concrete; and the walls, which consist of raw iron and antique plaster.

Pizza Factory takes us back to the basics on every aspect, and this appreciation for a traditional Italian eatery is consistent from the moment you enter, when you are truly engulfed by that philosophy.

The real designer challenge was to be able to create an environment that, despite the use of simple and “poor materials”, could still surprise the guest. And the surprise is definitely there, the final interior layout and design is a harmonious combination of materials and shapes that are almost vintage and retain that timeless quality.

Although the materials are left to their natural state and look, the environment is alive and full of warm colours, letting the light provide the last touch of brightness like on a painter’s palette.

The owners of the Pizza Factory are proud of its design, as it respects tradition, while taking its own path. It certainly is not a design that has followed the trends, but one that has been created in the search for a uniqueness of expression.

All decorative elements featured throughout, as well as the loose furniture, were custom-made based on original designs and this has undoubtedly contributed to strengthening the personality of Pizza Factory, advancing the visibility and positioning of the brand in the market

The project, designed by AIC design’s team which was led by managing director and founder Francesco Aveta, was executed under AIC Gruppo as a Design & Build project.

Today, more than before, the designer has a duty to find original solutions and innovative combinations, but at the same time he as to make sure that the project will also work from a commercial point of view.

It cannot be only the ego that guides the hand of the designer—the ability to find the right balance between all aspects, financial and artistic, must equally play a role in creating a successful F&B retail like Pizza Factory.

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