Pierre Abboud – a decade designing Ramadan tents

Pierre Abboud is a Lebanese interior designer and artist who lives in Dubai and, after a decade designing Ramadan tents, marks his 11th anniversary in the trade this year.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time when the community gathers together in large tents to eat after a long day of fasting and praying to celebrate as one.

“Every work has its specific theme, it always has a Middle Eastern style with traditional design and should have some modern motives to give the design more life,” said Abboud.

“The entrance is the most important part, as when you enter any place, whether a house or a restaurant, your first impression is here and it should always have that “wow” effect. I prefer not to go with the flow of common trends as Ramadan is not a temporary occasion, it comes every year and it should keep its traditional style and its spiritual feel.”

The tent plays an important role in that it is the location where people can gather to socialise no matter their religion, race or status. There is always a strong sense of community within the tent as people go there for Iftar after sundown and for such an important location a strong design is necessary.

Not only do people eat there but they can play traditional Middle Eastern games like backgammon and cards which makes the tent feel comforting.

When it comes to being creative with the design in relation to the location Abboud added designers should improvise and follow the mood of the hotel itself, maybe even the mood of the country where the Ramadan tent is being set up.

“Since Ramadan is taking place during the hottest months of the year which make people feel uncomfortable, colour can help affect a person’s mood to make them feel more welcome,” he said.

“Visitors should become a part of the celebration and to dissolve in the fiesta of colours, not to feel displayed in a big cold space. The heat of today is weighing and pure so I would go for warm and rich colours, accessorised with shades of red, orange and purple.”

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