Pictures: Xerox HQ in Dubai

Designed by UAE-based AK Design and Adel Almojil Consulting Engineers, this clean-lined complex serves as a showcase for the Xerox brand in the Middle East.

It contains a customer showroom, offices, workshops, support centres and training facilities. The large open-plan areas encourage transparency and interaction between departments.

Cellular offices are incorporated in the southern facade with glazed screens allowing light and views into the open plan offices behind. The central warehouse has a clear span of 28m and the rear office space was designed without the need for central columns. The complex was completed in late 2011.

Located in Dubai’s International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), the building occupies a corner plot at the main entrance to the 400 ha freezone. The flat desert plot, without notable views and local points of interest, enabled the design to be created on a relatively blank canvas, unaffected by existing physical factors other than climate.

Knowing that the surrounding area would remain undeveloped for some time to come, the building was planned for social self sufficiency, with several break out spaces, seating, staff rooms and a generous balcony for the office to enjoy in winter. TV screens are included for staff to watch major sporting events.

To reflect the company’s origins, the floor plan was originally conceived as A4 and A3 intersecting sheets of paper, with each ‘sheet’ corresponding to the two main axis of the site. According to AK Design, the finished project is a “contemporary utilitarian building” with black and white interlocking forms.

The bright white finish was chosen as a reminder of the white paper in the Xerox copier machines and the single red stripe is reminiscent of the red Xerox logo. Circular columns were used to denote the A4 space, with square columns in the A3 portion of the building. The structure was designed to be as visible as possible.

Simple, clean materials were chosen, with white render and slate cladding and a grey tone for the glazing and frames. Sealed white sandstone and grey concrete paviours were chosen for the exterior paving and stairs. Frameless glass or white painted aluminium adorn the balustrades.

Sun shading is provided by way of louvers to stairwells. In the double height glazed showroom to the south, sun shading film is used which also acts as advertising for the Xerox band. The white render for the majority of external cladding provides additional solar reflectivity.

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