In pictures: Ad office gets inspired remake

Amsterdam-based advertisement agency JWT Amsterdam reveals their youthful and dynamic new office, designed by Alrik Koudenburg who collaborated with design-artist RJW Elsinga.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s lively Leidse Square, the agency had intended to “seriously surprise,” as their motto goes, requiring an original design for the 2000m2 space.

Koudenburg and Elsinga’s design maintains a blend of comic book graphics, such as the logos pertaining to each department, and a unique selection of furniture and custom-made decorative pieces, like the 2.6m high cardboard bunny that’s used for company storage.

Before the move, JWT’s Ralph Wisbrun, managing director, and Bas Korsten, executive creative director, had divided the agency into three sections: Think, Do and Make. These three sections provided a foundation upon which the design would develop.

The zone dedicated to Think consists of a peaceful garden, while Do functions like a small city where employees can gather to plan and achieve objectives.

Make’s territory is a spirited take on effective office design, as it consists of brightly coloured studios equipped for design and filmmaking and loud wall images.

Other decorative elements that set the space apart include the upside-down castle located at the reception desk and architectural tree sculptures.

The newly renovated ad office sits in the renowned Hirsch & Cie building, which was once a luxury department store, making for an exciting contrast between its daring, modern design and grandiose architecture.

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