Philips launches DimTone in the Middle East

Philips has launched an LED lamp dimming feature that creates warm and inviting spaces with energy savings of more than 80%.

Philips’ 7W GU10 MASTER LED lamp with DimTone has been developed to address energy saving requirements for spaces with high daily light burning hours while also having an inviting and intimate atmosphere.

DimTone is a new dimming feature that not only reduces the amount of light when dimmed, but also reduces the colour temperature. When dimmed, the light gets warmer to create a pleasant ‘sunset effect’, radiating a warm and soft light, similar to that produced by incandescent and halogen lamps.

With 24/7 operations, the hospitality industry is a sector with significant potential to make large energy savings. Lighting is one of the ways to do this – currently 42% of energy usage comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient.

Philips’ 7W GU10 master LED lamp with DimTone has already been introduced in the Spar Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, replacing 130 50W Halogen GU10 lamps in the breakfast area of the hotel, reducing the cost of lighting this area by 82% with a pay-back of one and half years based on 12 burning hours a day.

“At a hotel, it is important the light creates a pleasant environment, which gives the guests a comforting feeling.  At the same time, our aim is to be cost efficient and reduce our environmental impact.  We switched to DimTone because we wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, the halogen lamps often broke down, and we had very high energy consumption,” said Alexander Pehrsson, property manager, Spar Hotel, part of the Bygg-Gota Group.

The 7W GU10 master LED lamp with DimTone has a significantly longer life span than traditional lighting, lasting 40,000 hours in comparison to a halogen lamp’s 2000 hours life span, reducing the need to replace spot lights and subsequently lowering maintenance costs.

“Especially in the current economic climate, hospitality managers are under pressure to cut costs without compromising on their guests’ experience.  The 7W master GU10 LED Lamp with DimTone offers allow hoteliers, bars and restaurant owners a light quality that is both soft and warm to create a natural and cozy ambience, while benefitting from the long life span and energy-saving features offered by LED technology,” added Paolo Cervini, general manager, Philips Lighting Middle East & Turkey.

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