Philips to join Concept Middle East Qatar to talk about LED Lighting

Philips to join Concept Middle East Qatar to talk about LED Lighting

Abdo Rouhana, Concept Middle East Summit, Head of Philips Lighting University Middle East, LED, Royal Philips Electronics

Royal Philips Electronics is a keynote sponsor at the third annual Concept Middle East Summit, in Doha from February 22-23.

The event targets interior designers, architects, construction consultants, city municipalities and government authorities.

Abdo Rouhana, head of Philips Lighting University Middle East, will present ‘the benefits of LED Technology’, talking about indoor and outdoor uses of LED innovations, its trends and its biological and psychological effects in hospitals and schools.

“LED innovation can distinguish offices, beautify outdoor spaces, provide hotels with a unique ambience while reducing carbon emission, saving energy and lowering costs”, said Paolo Cervini, GM, Philips Lighting Middle East & Turkey.

“For example, the world of offices and people’s working lives are rapidly changing. LED lighting offers great support for these changes, such as: freedom of shape and design, use of colors, dynamic effects, and creating spaces for enhanced people comfort and well-being.”

He added LED lighting can create more colourful and soft ambiences that make environments such as hospitals, seem less clinical, which is beneficial for both how people feel and the quality and speed of the diagnosis process.

It can also bring the benefits of daylight into an environment such as schools, which influences students’ behaviour and concentration.

All Philips LED solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption without compromising the light level, including extended lifetime that eliminates frequent lamp replacement.




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