Pharrell Williams to open eco-treehouse resource centre

Pharrell Williams to open eco-treehouse resource centre

Oppenheim, Pharrell Williams, Pharrell Williams Resource Centre

Rapper Pharrell Williams is now working on a resource centre for children, with Oppenheim Architecture + Design.

After Williams’ The Bike was listed in Commercial Interior Design’s Objects of Desire, Williams and Oppenheim joined together to create a youth centre in Virginia Beach, USA.

The learning resource centre, named Pharrell Williams Resource Centre (PWRC), will have its architecture and interior design carried out by Oppenheim.

Oppenheim used a small forest on an open prairie, which was unaffected by the over development in the area, as the location for the PWRC.

The 30,000 square-foot eco-treehouse concept is meant to help the youth in the area to reach their maximum potential.

A variety of materials will be used through the native trees, rather than cutting them down.

The centre wants to give children experiences that will have a positive effect on the community, through individual lives and how they apply that to their businesses, families and neighborhoods.

Kiehl’s signed on to support Pharrell’s charity From One Hand to Another (FOHTA), the non-profit group raising funds for the centre’s construction, largely in part due to its environmentally consciousness (with sustainable materials, wind turbines and forest integration) and eco-celebrity Pharrell.

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